Happy Father’s Day vegan gift ideas! Did someone say chocolate?

Have you ever told a non-vegan that you’re vegan? Do you get that look of pity from them as they interrogate your so-called ‘deprived’ food choices? Well with Father’s Day coming down under (the northern hemisphere has already celebrated Father’s Day earlier this year) we thought we’d touch on the topic of vegan chocolate. Everyone loves chocolate and there’s a misconception that vegans are missing out. Not true at all!

Treat Dreams was formed by Lis Armstrong who wanted to prove that you could still enjoy the creamy, richness and decadence of chocolate even if you’re vegan. Lis has taken this philosophy to creating her products by only choosing to sell products that taste the same or better than their non-vegan equivalents. Why vegan you might ask? Well like many vegans out there Lis loves animals and wants them to live their lives without being tortured or killed. We’ve taken the liberty of sharing some of her creations below. If you live in Sydney make sure to pop into her store and if you don’t then you can visit her website where Treat Dreams takes online orders. You can see more pictures by visiting Treat Dreams instagram page.

Chocolate not your thing? Well, you can also check out sustainable gift ideas for your dad by visiting the websites below. If you have any other great gift ideas for this Father’s Day make sure to comment!

7 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for the Sustainable Dad


All images are courtesy of Treat Dream’s website.


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