Appropriate Technology Collaborative is changing lives and our planet

The Appropriate Technology Collaborative (ATC) was founded in 2007 with the aim of creating technologies and programs that provide opportunities and empowers people to improve their quality of life. ATC is made up of an international community that consists of engineers, designers, architects and experts who collaborate on technology designs for low income communities. ATC creates new state-of-the-art technologies and programs that are affordable, sustainable and promote jobs growth.

ATC runs programs such as the Mayan Power and Light that provides women living in un-electrified communities the opportunity to create access to solar energy. The program has recently been expanded to include training on how to develop essential technologies of solar lighting, clean cook stoves and water purification. In many of these communities dirty technologies such as kerosene and solid fuels are used for lighting and cooking which are have negative effects including premature deaths, poor health, air pollution and climate change. By providing women in local communities with this opportunity to create micro businesses, ATC is helping them provide a higher quality of living for their families as well as minimizing environmental harm that would be caused otherwise. With more rural populations continuing to boom, the impact of ATC’s initiatives will change millions of lives and the planet.

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One of ATC’s projects is the Prototype Solar Vaccine Refrigerator. Every year organisations and countries donate vaccines for communities in rural parts of Africa and Asia that require to be cooled to prevent spoilage. As most of these rural communities do not have electricity these vaccines are not properly stored which costs countries such as the U.S. billions of dollars and negatively affects millions of lives. ATC worked with Michigan State University to develop a Solar Vaccine Refrigerator (SVR) that could be built from easily found materials. The moment the SVR is placed in the sun it starts a refrigeration cycle. The design’s drawings are available online for free and have been downloaded more than 3,700 times.

You can read more about ATC and their programs and projects by visiting their website.


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  1. Kayo says:

    This “free sharing” of inriomatofn seems too good to be true. Like communism.


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