Recycling old mobile phones for the Mountain Gorillas

Could it be easier?  No doubt if you’re reading this you join us in the privilege of having owned a fair few mobile phones in your lifetime, most of which are probably gathering dust in a far flung corner of your house.

So grab a few of those out and join the Humane Society International (HSI) in recycling your old phones to the Aussie Recycling Program (ARP) to help save the mountain gorillas!

How, you ask?  By clicking this link, you can register to receive a free mobile phone recycling satchel which carries up to 4 phones.  Then it’s as simple as dropping it off at any of these collection points near you, which will be sent to the ARP.  Each bag is specially coded to register it on behalf of the humane society.  For each bag sent in, the HSI receives $AUD 3-5.

This small action creates a domino effect for the conservation of Mountain Gorillas, which are currently listed as Critically Endangered by the WWF with less than 880 left in the wild.

First, it allows for reuse of mobile parts which reduces the demand of raw materials required in producing them.  One such commodity is the mineral Coltan, which is used to produce electronic-grade wires.  Mining this material has been the source of violent conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo, an exploited labour force, polluted lakes and rivers, the destruction of the mountain gorillas’ natural habitat and hunting of these already endangered animals to provide meat for the workers.

Second, the money raised from your recycling effort is used to fund the patrol crew in the Virunga National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, whose efforts go towards policing illegal poachers in the gorillas’ habitat.

Third, the ARP both recycles and reuses the components of your recycled phones, AND exports refurbished phones to developing countries in need.  This serves to generate an income for over 40 Australian charities and creates a closed system for the phones, as none of them are sent to landfill as waste.

Pretty incredible how one small action on our part can collectively lead to a massive change in the wider world.  The gorillas deserve better, and we can help.  This article explains more about these incredible and beautiful animals, which are also known as silverback gorillas, due to the silver patch of hair which develops on the backs of adult males.  The species has recently been flung into the conscience of the wider public due to the notorious and heartbreaking Cincinnati Zoo shooting death of their resident silverback male, Harambe.

For more information on the program and the Humane Society International, click here or on the banner below:

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