Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Why did you choose to go vegan/vegetarian?

Many of us choose to abstain from meat for the obvious reasons: we believe animals have the right to their own lives.

However, now more than ever, more people are turning to vegetarianism and veganism for general health, weight loss, religious regions, allergies, and for sustainability.

The rise and discussion of the ethically minded and healthy eater has been fuelled in a large part by social media and film.  Widely circulated exposé documentaries such as Food, Inc. (2008) and Cowspiracy: The Sustainable Adventure (2014) have opened people’s eyes up to the mass meat industry, its driving forces, and how it is one of the major contributors to greenhouse gas emissions.   A 2010 Ted Talk was featured on the site for discussing why we should all make the effort to be a weekday vegetarian.  

Change starts with you.  Tell us your vegan or vegetarian story below!

Instagram has built its foundations around the healthy, active and vegan girl generation, churning out thousands upon thousands of inspiring stories of those who turned to veganism either from compassion or a general desire to eat better.   Not far behind lies the camp of extremely fit, body building and parkour daredevils on youtube who partake in fully vegan diets.  Many of those who started for health reasons generally snowballed into the animal rights camp; thanks to the ease of access to a whole network of people sharing their own stories about doing the same thing.  Indeed, many vegetarians transition to veganism – because the mindset you adopt when becoming a vegetarian engenders discussion around animal rights which inevitably spread to dairy, leather and whatever other animal product is out there.

It’s not only popular media,  an increasing amount of engineers and scientists who specialize in the area of energy, manufacturing processes and global warming have opted being part or full time vegetarian.  Their line of work gives them an accelerated insight into the ramifications of global warming, and their actions are a loud signal as to what we should be doing with our diets in the fight against climate change.

These types of platforms form part of the gamechanging discussions that we need in this society, and we hope to further those with our question today: what encouraged you to become vegetarian or vegan?  Click this link to answer the poll on our twitter site AND comment below with your story, and get this discussion going with your family and friends to encourage them to start being part time vegetarians or more.  Change starts with you and ends with all of us!



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