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In the modern age, businesses are no longer solely about profits. In other words, making a difference and making money don’t have to be mutually exclusive. This is where the triple bottom line comes in – intertwining the importance of social responsibility, environmental impact and financial outcomes into a company’s goals and performance. It’s great to have a look at some pioneers who are leading this shift in focus to a more socially conscious way of operation in a world that truly needs it.

One such company is a major player in the sporting industry, Adidas, which was listed #5 in Forbes’ 100 most sustainable companies list for 2016. As a business revolving around spreading a love for sport and physical activity, Adidas’ sustainability strategy emphasises how  the environment and social change is just as much relevant to this industry as being financially successful. The adage “sport needs a space” is a simple and effective way of saying, if we do not take care of the world we live in, we deprive ourselves of a space to engage in sport.

Adidas CEO, Herbert Hainer, expressed this perfectly in saying “sport needs a space like a field to play on, an ocean to surf or a mountain to climb. These spaces are increasingly endangered because of human-made threats such as resource depletion, climate change or overpopulation. This is why we want to take action and be the guardians of these spaces with sustainable work that addresses these challenges.”

So what is Adidas doing to create a greener future? The key focus areas in terms of a more environmentally friendly final product are water, materials and energy. This includes efforts to improve water efficiency and quality, source sustainable materials, reduce energy consumption and transition to renewable sources.

Additionally, their sustainability strategy highlights their ability to bring about social change in empowering people around the world and as a result health and happiness!

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