Country Road and Red Cross team up for ‘Fashion Trade’

Country Road and Australian Red Cross have joined forces for the ‘Country Road Fashion Trade’ which gives customers the opportunity to donate their pre-loved Country Road clothing, accessories and homewares to any Red Cross Shops in return for a $10 Country Road voucher (per item with a maximum of 10) and a chance to win one of five $500 Country Road gift cards.

Your donated items will be sold by Red Cross to raise money for their vital support services that help people in various difficult circumstances in Australia and all over the world. These donations have helped Red Cross to provide a shower and hot meal for homeless teenagers, clean drinking water for communities living in poverty, assistance to elderly Australians to keep them safe and independent at home as well as many other worthy causes.

With busy lives there are few rare moments where any of us have the time to participate in the social programs or initiatives that make a difference for other people’s lives. This opportunity provides all of us with a chance to donate our clothes for a greater cause and also earn a small reward for doing so. You could argue that sorting out your clothes to donate is a hassle and you’d much rather ‘Netflix and Chill’ and I would agree. Cleaning up and sorting your clothes is no chore anyone would enjoy but think about the potential closet space you’re going to gain and the fact that you’re a making a difference for someone’s life out there. There’s also an environmental benefit as well! Throwing out your clothes instead of recycling or donating them means that the cotton was grown, which is a water intensive process, is wasted and decomposes in landfills which leads to greater greenhouse emissions. So this is a chance for a WIN-WIN-WIN: for your pocket, other people’s lives and the environment!

Don’t fret if you don’t have any Country Road clothing, everyone is welcome to donate items that aren’t from Country Road (these items won’t be included in the promotion offer though). Check out their website for the location of Red Cross shops and more information.


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