Thinking Out Loud Thursday: the drivers of change


It’s that time of the week again! Thinking Out Loud Thursday! Tell us your thoughts on this week’s topic:

Does change come from large companies or small independent companies? Whether it be in the area of animal rights movements or progress towards a more sustainable future, who really drives change or are both players as important as each other in making a difference?

In answering this question, an important factor to consider is how the specific nature of a company enables it to benefit society in a different way. With the emergence of more and more small entrepreneurial startups with big ideas, what does this mean for the progress of society? Perhaps a small company more adaptable to change within its walls is more likely to create change in the wider world. On the other hand, larger companies are equipped  with the resources to bring about a shift in the way society is run. Or maybe you think it’s the interplay between companies of differing sizes that makes a difference.

So share your perspective on today’s thought-provoking subject below!




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  1. Michael says:

    I think change is tackled on many different levels which is exactly how we should tackle social and environmental challenges. The advantage of large companies is that they have the resources to develop and implement these changes that have significant impacts due to the company’s size. That doesn’t mean small companies can’t have large impacts as well! Today there are so many start ups that innovate to create solutions to climate change and social issues in rural areas. We’re also seeing more start ups partnering with large companies to collectively address issues in the world.


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