Solar Roads – the path to the future

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Are solar roads the way of the future? As the need for creative sustainable solutions grows, so too does the number of innovative ideas about how to incorporate renewables into our everyday lives. Solar roads may be one of these innovations.

The nation that led in the implementation of this idea was Netherlands with their first solar bike path in 2014. France, Germany and the US are following in their footsteps, experimenting with their own plans for the solar road. France has made plans to create 1000km of solar roads in the following 5 years whilst German startup Solmove aims to utilise the already existing space for power generation.

There are still a number of issues with solar roads that must be ironed out before seeing a broader implementation such as cost, efficiency and safety. Whether it is found to be applicable on a smaller scale to pedestrian and bike paths or larger scales such as major roadways, it’s wonderful to see the people and nation’s coming together to harness the readily available energy of the sun in new and innovative ways!


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