Thinking Out Loud Thursday: Future vegan jobs for meat industry workers

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We want to start up important discussions about building an animal friendly and sustainable world, so comment below or let us know on twitter what you think about the above question.

One of the most common arguments put forth to vegetarians and vegans is that getting rid of the meat industry will destroy so many jobs and lives.  We think differently.  From the industrial revolution to the invention of the iphone to internet banking to the global brunch boom, humans have managed to change, adapt and thrive in new and adapted industries throughout history.

Economic growth, technology and automation have already changed so much in our lives and made many previous jobs redundant, but in their place blooms so many new opportunities that allow us to focus our talents elsewhere.

Thousands of workers in mass meat industries are subject to hours of commute, questionable OH&S conditions and experience post traumatic stress from the nature of their work.

Just imagine if those industries could be changed to those that produce vegan food, or shifted to local vegetable crops that allowed workers to work and live near their familes.  These are just food related changes; what other possibilities in this industry or others can you think of?

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  1. Michael says:

    I don’t see many jobs moving from the meat industry to the vegan industry. The demand for vegan food just isn’t increasing enough. We might see a drop in meat consumption but its unlikely given that China’s meat consumption is expected to balloon as the country continues to bring more of its population out of poverty. Hopefully with greater awareness there will be a drop in meat consumption though. Once people realise how meat related agriculture is leading to climate change it might change their minds!


  2. It’s true that we have to consider the demand for meat consumption before we can consider reducing supply, but that makes it all the more important to push for alternatives by innovating, educating, and providing options for those consuming meat and those working to produce meat. Otherwise the process is too slow – it’s better to be proactive than reactive, especially if we are considering climate change.

    Spreading awareness about the relationship between mass meat production and global warming is definitely a massive step forward, and we need to be ready to come up with macro and micro alternatives in terms of the food industry and diets.

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