Historic animal rights party victory in Spain bans killing of bulls in 500 year old festival

The sun sets on an era of cruel bull spearing practices. Image Credit: http://dcamacho.deviantart.com

Often one of the barriers to progress is thinking ‘but it’s always been done this way’ or ‘it’s part of an age old culture, you can’t change that’.  But if we don’t understand our fundamental actions, we are sheep following sheep for generations upon generations.  Just because we can or have done something doesn’t mean we should, just look at slavery, at caged hens, at gender inequality.  The most difficult conventions to re-evaluate are those which are the most deep rooted in society, because as humans we find comfort in routine, solace in groupthink, and definite entitlement in speciesicm.

The question we should now be asking ourselves is not ‘can we do this’ but ‘should we do this’, and that applies to the whole spectrum of animal rights, human rights and the environment.   We live in an amazing generation where this is slowly becoming the question of the hour, and in Spain, these seeds of thought have finally reaped in the fruits of justice and reason with what is being labelled a historic victory of the banning of a medieval bull-spearing festival in  Tordesillas, a town in the province of Castile & León.

The question we should now be asking ourselves is not ‘can we do this’ but ‘should we do this’

Toro de la Vega is a 500 year old festival wherein a ‘prize bull’ is run like a trophy through the streets of the town, where it is speared to death by lances when it reaches the plains outside the town walls.  The Partido Animalista Contra el Maltrato Animal (PACMA) animal rights party won an INCREDIBLE 1.2% nationwide vote (a record 285,000 votes) in Spain’s general election, and have used their seat to ban the killing of animals in popular festivals, effectively nulling this barbaric form of entertainment.  The people of Spain no longer wish to participate in medieval practices that torture animals, and their voice is being translated into meaningful action through PACMA.

‘There is no way back now. Spain must continue along the path of becoming part of civilised Europe where animals are not killed and tortured for amusement’ – Luis Victor Moreno, vice-president of PACMA

Despite this, vice-president of PACMA, Luis Victor Moreno, expects the Tordesillas townspeople to attempt to hold the event.  However, for the first time in history, the tables have turned and police will be present to stop the murder of the bull and not those protesting it.  This is an outstanding victory in the legalization of animal rights, and a turning point for how animals are treated in the modern age inspite of previous traditions.

Bravo to PACMA, the animal rights party that led the 11-year campaign which made this possible.  This group has campaigned to prevent thousands of other archaic and cruel traditions, such as throwing turkeys from Andalucian bell towers, and the controversial bullfighting profession.

For more information on PACMA check out: www.pacma.es

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  1. Jacklyn says:

    Tom & Sue – Beth, I love it – it’s very YOU! The colors, textures, fabrics and food are great along with the inisprational quotes. Here’s a quote I have sitting on my desk at home: “What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?” Love- Mom


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