SolarImpulse paves the way for a Clean Future

Last week, history was made as the first ZERO fuel, ZERO emissions plane flight was completed from New York to Spain, landing in Seville on the 23rd of June, 2016.

Bertrand Piccard captained the solar flight across the Atlantic Ocean without requiring a single drop of fuel, which makes it the first transatlantic solar and electric crossing to date.

The 3,765 km trip took 71 hours, or just under 3 days, and 1388 kWh of Solar Energy.

This is thanks to the incredible team at SolarImpulse, who advocate that the impossible is possible with clean technology, and are dedicated to spreading a global message to ALL that if clean energy can be used to power a plane, then we don’t need fossil fuels to evolve as a society. They know that the #futureisclean.

“If governments had the courage to promote clean technologies on a massive scale, our society could simultaneously reduce its dependence on fossil fuels, create jobs and stimulate sustainable growth.”
– Bertrand Piccard, SolarImpulse

For more info including how you can spread the message to schools, visit:

Keep an eye out for Swisse pilots and pioneers Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberd of SolarImpulse, who are looking to achieve the first round the world solar flight, and have established the International Committee of Clean Technology (ICCT) to promote energy efficient solutions that solve our current environmental challenges.

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