IKEA is making homes more sustainable


Have you heard of IKEA? You might know them for their famous meatballs or like everyone else you might have a piece of furniture in your house from IKEA. Recently, the company has been recognised as one of the most sustainable companies in the world. How? Well keep reading on!

In 2012, IKEA released it’s People & Planet sustainability strategy which tackles sustainability by striving for a more sustainable life at home for its customers, reaching for resource and energy independence and contributing to a better life for people and communities. IKEA plans to help its customers to live more sustainable lives at home by developing and promoting products and solutions that limit energy and water usage.

The company plans to do this by offering energy efficient appliances, efficient LED lights (it’s entire lighting range is now LED), water efficient taps and dishwaters and functional and easy to use solutions for minimising and sorting waste. IKEA also plans to be resource and energy independent by using resources within the limits of the planet, encouraging the recycling of materials and becoming more energy efficient throughout its operations and supply chain. Some of the things IKEA is doing includes closely examining how it sources materials (e.g. using materials that otherwise would have gone to landfills), installing more solar panels on its stores and encouraging its suppliers to be more sustainable.

IKEA is demonstrating that companies don’t have to change their core business at all to be sustainable. They have continued to make products that customers love but are more sustainable than ever! In 2015, the company saw a 29 percent increase in sales of products that contribute to a more sustainable life at home for consumers.

You can read more about how IKEA is making a difference by reading their 2020 goals in their report.


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