Ecomagination a sustainable world


10 years ago GE started its Ecomagination line of products and services, which last year generated US$34 billion. Ecomagination is GE’s growth strategy to enhance resource productively and reduce environmental impacts on a global scale through its own operations and by providing commercial solutions for customers.

As the world pollution continues to boom the strain on earth’s natural resources is becoming more apparent. Numerous reports have pointed at water scarcity as causing more conflicts in the coming decades. Enhancing resource productivity ensures that natural resources such as water is used optimally and efficiently.

As part of Ecomagination’s strategy, they are investing in cleaner technology and business innovation, developing solutions for economic growth while avoiding emissions and water consumption, reducing environmental impact of its own operations and entering strategic partnerships to solve toughest environmental challenges.

Some of the companies that GE Ecomagination has entered partnerships into with to tackle global water and energy challenges include Intel, Walmart, Masdar, Total, Bhp Billiton and Goldman Sachs. Together these companies are co-creating and commercialising transformative solutions with the hope to solve these pressing problems and inspire others to also do the same.

Within the last decade, GE Ecomagination has reduced GHG emissions by 12%, fresh water use by 17% and spent $17 billion on R&D. It has installed 40GW of clean energy which is equivalent to the energy usage of 9 million households and a CO2 emissions reduction of 400 million tonnes. Also, GE’s Zeeweed technology is being used to treat 1Billion Gallons of waste water per day.

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Read more about Ecomagination by visiting their website:

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