Mission Rabies

Rabies is a serious health issue that results in over 55,000 human deaths in Africa and Asia each year and is mainly spread by rabies carrying dogs. For this reason, over 20 million dogs around the world are killed, with or without rabies. However, the World Health Organisation has said that studies have shown culling dogs is ineffective in eliminating this risk.

The best way to prevent these unecessary and awful deaths is by mass vaccination of dogs. Something which can be sustainably achieved through the collaboration of government, animal and human health sectors. It has already had proven effectiveness in Bangladesh, Philippines and Bali. Killing achieves nothing, so why is it still done? A life is not disposable, and it shouldn’t be treated that way. Dogs deserve the right to their own lives as much as we do. Mission Rabies is working towards a rabie free world for humans without the mass murder of dogs.

Read how you can help or donate here: http://www.missionrabies.com

[Image from the mission rabies website]

Also see what comedian, actor, producer and passionate animal rights advocate Ricky Gervais has to say on the matter: youtube.com/watch?v=XmhK1g9fg54

More info from the WHO website, including how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are funding the effort: who.int/rabies/control/en/



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