Do superheroes exist?

Do superheroes exist? If saving the world is the definition of a superhero, then yes – look no further than World Land Trust (WLT). WLT is an international nature #conservation #charity endorsed by the great Sir David Attenborough himself, and works tirelessly to protect threatened habitats and wildlife through pioneering the concept of ‘Buy an Acre’. When you #donate money to buy an acre, World Land Trust and their partner organisations use it to purchase #rainforest and other wildlife habitat land in Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico that are under threat for whatever reason, thereby legally converting them into permanently protected nature #reserves.

Since its inception in 1989, the Buy an Acre method has helped to buy and protect almost 500,000 acres of #tropical forest and other threatened habitats.

One of their current projects is the Forests in the Sky Appeal, which is aiming to raise £500,000 for the Andean cloud forests in central Ecuador, to prevent the senseless and heartbreaking extinction of the Spectacled Bear and Mountain Tapir, as well as micro orchids, which are the world’s tiniest plant species and can only survive in the moist conditions of the cloud forests.

#TCI #TheCollectiveImpact #ThinkActChange #nature #AndeanCloudForests #Cloud #SpectacledBear #MountainTapir #orchids #forestsintheskyappeal #landconservation #wildlifeconservation

To donate or find out more, search World Land Trust Forest Sky Appeal on google or follow the link below:

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  1. Lynsey says:

    Frankly I think that’s ablleutsoy good stuff.


    1. Thanks Lynsey, we appreciate it. Look out for new content coming soon!


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